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Welcome To Inner Vitality!

Inner Vitality is the leading medspa for acupuncture and aesthetics in Bellevue, Washington. Dr. Alice Kuntz will help you rediscover strength, great health, and well-being.


Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine provides avenues for treating a number of acute and chronic conditions. Non-Surgical Face and Body Aesthetics allow you to achieve a natural appearance and regain self-confidence.


We invite you to look over the website at the variety of facial treatments: skin care, injectables, fillers, microneedling, PRP, threadlifts, laser treatments, pigmentation problems, hair restoration, laser hair removal, cosmetic acupuncture, and more. We offer body treatments for skin tightening and contouring, tattoo removal, stretch marks and spider veins.


Inner Vitality also has wellness solutions for pain, weight loss, sleep disorders, snoring, and specific women’s and men’s issues.


We invite you to reserve a consultation. Allow Dr. Kuntz to answer your questions and customize the ideal acupuncture and aesthetics program for you.


It’s time to unlock your potential and enhance your life with Inner Vitality!


Do You Want To Get Rid Of...

• Wrinkles?
• Dull Skin?
• Loss of Facial Volume?
• Uneven Skin Tone?

• Scars?
• Hair Loss?
• Unwanted Hair?
• Spider Veins?

• Unwanted Tattoos?
• Loose Skin?
• Stretch Marks?
• Sun-Damaged Skin?


Are You Experiencing...

• Pain?
• Difficulty Losing Weight?
• Sleep Disorders?
• Snoring?

• PMS & Menstrual Irregularities?
• Hormone Imbalance?
• Stress Urinary Incontinence?
• Infertility?


"Excellent care, Dr. Kuntz is extremely caring, knowledgeable and explains treatments in detail. The office is peaceful & the office manager, friendly & will happily explain the products and procedures. I have successfully been treated with acupuncture, laser and most recently for nerve damage following a joint replacement."

Brad Stevenson

“I have been having laser procedures on my face with Dr. Kuntz. I find her to be highly professional and caring. It's obvious that she wants me to have the best outcome possible. I trust her with my face and I think that she is incredibly qualified. Keisha, her assistant, is friendly and caring also. I will return to her whenever I need facial aesthetics. Highly recommend!”

Sharon Gay

“Dr Kuntz is an amazingly skilled professional. As an ENT surgeon (in addition to her many other qualifications (acupuncture, facial aesthetics), she is highly qualified (if not over-qualified) to perform facial procedures due to her intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She is focused on a natural looking result and does the minimum to achieve the desired results. She is very pleasant to work with and I feel lucky to have found her.”

Heidi Monahan

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