“It’s a big decision on who to trust with your face. Dr. Kuntz is a real artist. I have been seeing Dr. Kuntz for several years now for rejuvenation. My friends tell me that I look younger now than I did in my 30’s! She is very focused on continual education for the newest techniques. She cares about your result and is conservative so you’ll not end up “over done.” Instead, you end up looking more naturally rested and refreshed. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional that really can be trusted. She knows just what to do with fillers and Botox.” – KLH 


“I have been treated by Dr. Kuntz for years and will continue to be treated by her because I am very pleased with my results. Doctor Kuntz takes the time to listen and understand my personal concerns and desired outcomes. She is professional and friendly and I will continue to refer my friends to her.” -C.K


“Dr. Kuntz is skilled, gentle, and especially good at asking questions and then remembering answers from previous appointments to adjust the acupuncture approach.” -T.M.


“I feel that without Dr. Kuntz I would not be as well as I am today. This is not just because she knows her science but also because she listens well and actively participates in ideas to help the individual improve. Dr. Kuntz has worked very hard for me to help me become well. Dr, Kuntz, I am very thankful for you and appreciate you using your knowledge and compassion to help me.” -M.M.

“I’ve gone to an acupuncturist before and it wasn’t nearly as effective. I think Dr. Kuntz is in a class by herself. ” -W.Z.


“Dr. Kuntz has been my go-to professional for many years. I still look 10 years younger than my age. I love her approach – keeping my skin healthy, natural and focus on what works for me. As I continue to age the approach changes, we discuss options and treatments. I would and do highly recommend Dr. Alice Kuntz for any and all facial treatments and now I get to have the acupuncture treatments too! Love it! A very personalized approach.” -Theresa D.


“This last weekend I just completed a three-day backpacking trip with my daughter! It has been a goal of mine to get out on the trail and I finally did it! I was so worried I would not ever be able to hike with a pack again. Thank you so much for all you have done to help make this dream a reality. The acupuncture and Prolozone treatments you offer at Inner Vitality created the perfect therapy to help my knee. The most surprising part is that the healing still continues even after many weeks since the last treatment. I am so grateful for all you have done for me. You have given me my life on the trail back. It means the world to me.” -Karen S.


“Dr Kuntz is an amazingly skilled professional. As an ENT surgeon (in addition to her many other qualifications (acupuncture, facial aesthetics), she is highly qualified (if not over-qualified) to perform facial procedures due to her intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She is focused on a natural looking result and does the minimum to achieve the desired results. She is very pleasant to work with and I feel lucky to have found her.” -Shelly


“Six months ago, I incurred a sports-related injury to my hip while figure skating. It began as a deep ache upon impact, but quickly escalated to a constant throbbing sensation deep within the joint—even at rest. As time progressed, the pain not only prevented me from training, but began impeding my everyday life. Like most people, I sought help the usual way; I saw multiple doctors, had medical imaging done, pursued physical therapy, saw a massage therapist and chiropractor, and even tried anti-inflammatory medication. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help, and as time went on, I began feeling increasingly hopeless. It was at this point that Dr. Kuntz suggested I try something called Prolozone therapy. I had not heard of it before, and was a bit wary of the injection, but decided to give it a shot nonetheless. After the first injection, the pain lessened, and I was walking more comfortably—albeit, still with a limp. After my second injection, I was walking normally; and after the third, I was able to begin training again, and it was hard not to get excited. It took a total of six injections—spaced approximately two weeks apart—to return my hip to full strength, and eliminate my pain completely. When this started, I was not sure if I would be able skate again, but thanks to this treatment, I am back to my normal training regimen (of 2-3 hours per day), and I am so incredibly grateful.” – Jessica W.


“Excellent care! Dr. Kuntz is extremely caring, knowledgeable and explains treatments in detail. The office is peaceful, and the office manager is friendly and will happily explain the products and procedures. I have been treated with acupuncture, laser and most recently for nerve damage following a joint replacement.” – Cheryl


“I cannot say enough about the rejuvenating and most importantly, natural results, I have received under the care of Dr. Alice Kuntz. I continue to be impressed by her commitment to the newest procedures, techniques, and therapies. Inner Vitality is welcoming, discreet, and extremely professional, especially during these times of COVID-19.” -C.M.