Before & After



Often filler injection treatments are layered over several visits. Photo on right shows immediate results at her second visit. At her first visit, this patient had filler to her cheeks. On the second visit, her marionette areas and lips were filled. The goal was to remove shadows and restore smooth transitions from one area to the next on her face.

This patient felt the dark circles under her eyes made her look tired all the time. This image shows immediate results after injection of filler to cheeks and tear trough region. Filling the hollows essentially reduced the "dark circles" and she looks refreshed and less tired.

Men do great with filler injections. Care is taken to avoid "feminizing" the male face. In the photo taken immediately after a single treatment, fillers can replace lost volume in cheeks and tear troughs and achieve a younger and vibrant appearance.

For years, this patient had been bothered by a deeply etched wrinkle between her brows. First step was to treat her glabella with Botox to relax the muscles that furrowed her brow. Then over course of several visits, tiny amounts of filler were placed very superficially to fill in the deep wrinkle. She keeps up with Botox to keep this area smooth.


This is the result after three Kybella treatment sessions, spaced a month apart. It may be necessary to have 3 or more sessions of Kybella to reach desired endpoint.

In this younger patient with less submental fat, this is after only two Kybella treatment sessions, spaced a month apart.

Lip Filler

As we age, lip volume diminishes and lips can become thin and seem to disappear. Lip filler injections can be used to restore lip structure and shape. This patient who is in her 60's, had filler injections to lips and marionette area.

Small amounts of filler can be used to subtly augment lip fullness and give a more hydrated, smoother appearance.

Lower Face Filler

In this patient who is over 70, age related shrinking of bone and soft tissue caused collape of her lower face, especially in her chin area. She has had previous layers of filler to her face, cheeks, marionette area and along the jawline. In this session, HA filler injections were directed at the groove between her lips and chin and along marionette region to further restore the vertical structure and fullness that she has lost with age.

Hand Radiesse

This patient who is in her 70's was really bothered by the appearance of her hands. She had minimal soft tissue to cover up veins and tendons. The after photos show immediate results after injection of Radiesse filler to the dorsum of her hands.


This patient had Ultherapy treatment to her lower face. The after photo was taken 4 months later and shows the tightening around her jawline and reduction of loose skin under her chin.

Hair Restoration

There are many options for hair restoration. This patient completed a course of combination therapy: 3 sessions PRP scalp injections with non-ablative laser treatments to improve scalp circulation, spaced one month apart. He continues with dietary supplements and topical scalp treatment to continue stimulation of hair growth.

This patient presented in her late 40's with severe hair loss and thinning. The photo on right shows results one month after course of 3 PRP scalp injections, spaced a month apart. Women tend to respond very well to hair restoration treatments.

This is the result after 6 months. He had 3 PRP scalp treatments, followed by series of laser hair restoration treatments.


Threadlift left face and Threadlift right face: The after photos show immediate results after suture threadlift using MINT threads in midface and lower face. This procedure is performed in office with local anesthetic.


Laser treatment for skin brightening (oblique view): this patient had one laser treatment with the Starwalker to address irregular pigmentation from sun damage.

Laser resurfacing for skin tighening (lateral view): this patient with the earring had series of 3 fractional laser resurfacing treatments to rejuvenate facial skin. The after photo shows tightening of the cheek skin with reduction if “smile wrinkles.”

Fotona 4D

Fotona 4D treatment incorporates four different laser modalities, all non-ablative, at the same session to promote collagen growth and soft tissue tightening. This patient had 3 sessions with no downtime. There is subtle improvement.